Clear Pocket Refill

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EVA refill clear pocket for passport case (new) 3 pieces / about 20 ◊ 10cm
Clear pocket (refill) for polyester passport case with clear pocket.
? Not waterproof. ? If you insert a pointed object, it may tear.;Dimensions: H1.2x;W10.3x;L20cms;? Due to the characteristics of the material, scratches may occur due to threads or atari. ? Do not put liquids or food. ? Do not place near fire. ? It does not protect what you put in from scratches or damage. ? If left wet, it may cause mold and discoloration. If wet, wipe off with a dry cloth as soon as possible. ? Be careful not to put too much material into the case, as it may break the zipper or break the case. ? Do not forcibly open / close or handle roughly. It may cause damage. ? Please note that sticking or color transfer may occur due to prolonged contact with printed materials such as photographs and copies, painted surfaces, plastic surfaces, etc.