Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

30.00 SR

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Sharpener for Wood Axis Pencil (New) Lip Liner, Eyebrow, Aira. Sharpener for MUJI wooden shaft pencils (lip liner, eyebrow, eyeliner).
It can also be used as a cap.
This product is divided into a cap part, a scraper part and a slide lid. 1) Turn the slide lid and take out the scraper. 2) Insert the tip of the wood shaft pencil into the sharpener. 3) Hold this product (cap) firmly and turn the wooden shaft pencil clockwise to scrape it. 4) After removing the wood shaft pencil, remove the shavings accumulated in the shaving unit. 5) Turn the slide lid to close it. 6) After using the tip of the wood shaft pencil, insert it into the cap of this product and store it.