Puff For Loose Powder/M

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Medium size Puff for Loose powder
It is a soft puff. It fits in a loose powder (18g) case. It has a good powder content and has moderate elasticity on the hair feet, so you can finish your makeup neatly. If the puff gets dirty, lightly press and wash it with a sponge cleaner or a mild soapy detergent.;Dimensions: H1.5x;W10x;L8cms;If the puff becomes dirty, the powder will not adhere easily, so always keep it clean. If the puff becomes dirty, lightly wash it with a sponge cleaner or a mild detergent such as a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly so that no detergent remains, and then thoroughly dry and shade. If you lay it flat on a towel, it will be harder to lose its shape. If it does not fit your skin, stop using it.